Sunday, 4 January 2015

First Trip

For our first trip in our motorhome we went for the afternoon to Ilam Hall in the Peak District National Park. This was just to try out a few things and get some idea of what we might need to take etc. Lyn let me drive this time! The car park was surprisingly full given the frosty weather so we parked on the grass. Hope the National Trust didn't mind too much!
Yes, that's Lyn mugging from the window!
We walked down to the church but it was all locked up so we couldn't see inside. Then we walked along by the River Hamps to give Button some exercise. Back at the van we made a cup of tea and warmed some mince pies to eat. We had forgotten to take a teaspoon (not a big problem) or baby wipes. We also think that Button's den is too big to take with us. We will have to find an alternative means of securing her for travel.
Ilam church with Thorpe Cloud in the background. It was a beautiful sunny but frosty day.
The journey back was not so good as fog had begun to close in by 3:30. We got back safe and sound though.


  1. Not this time. We decided not to fill any of the water tanks because of the frost. We would only have to drain it all out again. Anyway, there is a loo at Ilam Hall!

  2. The lack of a teaspoon meant we couldn't have brandy butter with our mince pies.
    Button had a great time exploring the wooded hillside by the River Hamps, although she found the travelling in the motorhome a little puzzling. I think we will get her a seatbelt harness.
    With regard to the loo, Sue, we took it for a ride, but I was forbidden to use it! Boo hoo!! :-(((

  3. I've tried to comment, but don't know how. Anyway, what I wanted to say is: assemble a kit comprising 2 knives, 2 forks, 2 teaspoons and no doubt a tube of handcream xx [posted on behalf of Christine Hart!]

  4. I would have thought the hand cream would be in already!!!