Thursday, 8 January 2015


Yesterday, Lyn took the camper over to Lindsay's to show off. Lindsay was quite impressed but said it needed a bike rack fitting. I don't know why. Perhaps she is still under the impression that she would be able to borrow it! As she returned after dark, Lyn decided to leave the camper parked on the road so that she didn't cause any more damage.
Lyn can explain the photo!

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  1. Yes, OOPS!!! I forgot that as you turn a large vehicle the back end swings round. I was turning away from the house when I heard a crack! "Oh dear!! I've clipped the gutter," I thought. Which I had! Unfortunately as I pulled away the gutter fell down - in BITS!! As I said before - OOPS! George the handyman says he can replace it. Let's hope so - clever man! The journey to and from Uttoxeter went without hitch and Button sat like a little angel attached to the seatbelt at the back of the van. There was a slight problem on the return journey at the junction in Wetley Rocks. I couldn't see what was coming on the main road from the left because of the angle of the junction. So I had to take off my seatbelt and move across to the passenger side of the vehicle to look at the road befor moving on! From now on I shall go to the traffic lights at Cellarhead instead. It's all a learning curve :-)