Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Morag's first dog show

Lyn, Button and Button's Aunty Kath took Morag to Thoresby Hall for a dog agility show on Friday 27th March. It was a lovely venue with plenty of open spaces, parkland and woodland walks.
We did our own catering and Aunty Kath was in her element! On arrival we filled up with water but couldn't put our hose on the tap so had to manoeuvre the van very close and use the fitted hose. We got the gas going, primed the water pump and switched on the water heater. We were now up and running.
Sitting on Morag's step
That first Friday evening was very pleasant, not too cold, and Button settled in well. We put up the fencing I had borrowed from dog club and made a little garden for her. Then we relaxed for the evening and did a fair bit of giggling like schoolgirls!
We didn't have the heating on during Friday night but used hot-water bottles which kept us warm and cosy. I slept on the top bunk in the Luton (agile Lyn, well it was an agility show)!
Button had one good agility round on the Saturday, but I'm afraid didn't do at all well in the other rounds.
On Sunday afternoon we abandoned the last class of the day and packed up for home, draining the hot water and turning off the pump and the gas. We had to be careful on Saturday night as the leisure battery was running low on charge. We had washed up as we went along and may have used the water pump too much as a consequence.
Overall, it was quite a successful first stay away on a less well-equipped site.

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