Thursday, 19 February 2015

A wet day at Chatsworth

After the last two days of fine but cold weather we woke to rain this morning. The rain persisted until after 3 p.m. but we had a brighter late afternoon and were able to take a walk in Chatsworth Park.
Button had the right idea during the rain!

Lots of deer were gathered together in one herd; we estimated 100 or so individuals. On our way back to the caravan site we saw a Sparrowhawk take a small bird. The light was very poor but I took a few photos anyway.
Some of the deer in the large herd
Sparrowhawk having its dinner (sorry for poor quality)

For lunch today we walked into Baslow (in the rain) and went to Il Lupo, a very pleasant Italian restaurant.
Chatsworth House from the bridge over the River Derwent

The bridge designed by James Paine and completed in 1761

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