Monday, 26 December 2016

Winter in Spain - Christmas Day

Sunday 25th December
Christmas Day

I took Button for her morning walk before we drove down to the Arenal. The promenade and beach were very busy in the warm sunshine. Some people were swimming in the sea and many others were dressed in their Sunday best.
Busy Arenal promenade and beach

Christmas paddle boarders
We met Sue and Andy at the Botanico bar and shared a very nice bottle of Cava before walking to the restaurant for our Christmas lunch. The lunch was good but very filling!
Pre lunch Cava with Sue and Andy

Lyn wasn't really as drunk as she looks!
We walked back via the Arenal so that Button could have another play on the beach, then went to Sue and Andy's apartment for a coffee and another game of "Witches". Sue won this time.
We drove home to the villa at around 9:30 and relaxed for a while before retiring to bed.
Button playing with a new friend on the beach

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