Sunday, 25 December 2016

Winter in Spain - Week Four

Sunday 18th December
More Rain!

The weather is even worse today with torrential rain and thunder. We stayed in until the evening then drove down to Javea for a curry in the Gurkha Palace. We enjoyed the meal. While we were eating the Bomberos (fire brigade) arrived outside to clear away fallen Palm trees!

Monday 19th December
The rain continues

Another very rainy day with strong winds. In the afternoon, when the rain had eased off, I drove to Cap de la Nao to take a few photos of the sea. The light was lit in the lighthouse due to the very dull conditions.
View from the Mirador at Cap de la Nao

Looking towards Ambolo and Isla del Descubridor

Tuesday 20th December
The weather improves

The day dawned much better, sunny but quite cool. We drove down to the supermarket to do a bit of shopping. 
After lunch we drove back to Arenal beach. By this time it was sunny and warm. We were surprised by the size of the waves in the bay. A sand dam had been made along the length of the beach to protect the seafront bars and restaurants. We had a drink and Lyn had a dessert in La Botanico restaurant as we watched the waves.
The sand dam and wild sea

Big waves at Arenal
Button had a great run on the beach as we walked back to Morag. Santa was seated at the Christmas tree on the seafront entertaining the kids.
Santa at Arenal

Wednesday 21st December
Old friends

We arranged to meet our friends Sue and Andy for a drink  at Arenal this morning. After letting Button have her run on the beach, we joined them for a drink in the Octopus bar. Later we all went to a small restaurant for lunch where we joined other friends, Maggie and Nigel, who have moved here from France.
Button had another run on the beach then we made our way back to the villa.

Thursday 22nd December
Moraira and Calpe

We drove over to Moraira in bright sunshine. After a walk along the seafront we stopped for a drink at one of the pavement cafés.
Moraira Castle and the Penyal d,Ifac and Calpe in the distance

Lyn and Button in Moraira

A drink in the sunshine
We drove over to Calpe just to see what it's like. The drive is along the winding coast road with some lovely sea views with the Peñal d'Ifac rock looming larger as we neared the resort.
Calpe is very different to Moraira. There are many high-rise buildings and the promenade, though pleasant, was surprisingly quiet. Very few of the cafés and bars were open and the beach was deserted. The pavement bars in Moraira had been buzzing with activity. We had  a drink and a snack in one of the few bars that were open then made our way back to Javea along the main road. We decided that Calpe in not our sort of place - a bit like a mini Benidorm.
Calpe beach

High-rise apartments in Calpe

Friday 23rd December
Carols in Javea

We drove down to Arenal to give Button her morning run on the beach then on to Javea Port for a Christmas Carol event organised by the local Baptist church. Lyn very much enjoyed singing carols in the bright, warm sunshine. So did I, but found that it went on a bit too long!
Carols in the sun
We had an excellent lunch at a restaurant on the seafront. I would thoroughly recommend La Bodeguilla for its excellent choice of food and very friendly service. 
Sue and Andy came to the villa in the evening and we played a game of "Witches". Lyn won and we followed up with a snack supper.

Saturday 24th December
Christmas Eve

We met Sue and Andy at the Arenal and walked through with them to a restaurant for breakfast. Unfortunately it was closed for the Christmas weekend so we walked back to Arenal and had breakfast at the Austrian café. The bread rolls were superb!
Button got her now regular run on the beach and chased sticks in the sea. Sue and Andy had invited us back to see their apartment. It was very nice and within easy walking distance of Arenal but wouldn't really have been suitable for us with Button.
Throwing the stick for Button

"I can fly to get it!"

"It's this way to Australia!"
Later, back at the villa, Sue and Andy visited so that Sue could use our WiFi to check her emails and to do some online banking. We listened to some music and made arrangements to meet up for our Christmas meal tomorrow.

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