Wednesday, 18 February 2015

First proper trip

We left home yesterday for our first proper trip away in Morag, our Motorhome. (Lyn chose the name!) We have come to the Caravan Club site at Chatsworth Park.
Morag with Chatsworth House visible through the trees

We tried to pack everything that we thought we would need but, inevitably, forgot a few things. Nothing disastrous but we forgot washing-up liquid, teaspoons and our container of drinking water. Luckily, my sisters, Linda and Susan (and Linda's husband Richard) visited today and were able to bring a spoon and washing up liquid.
The site is very well set up and looked after but busy because of half-term. The plot we chose is near the dog walking area so Button is well-catered for.

The dog walk

Chatsworth House is nearby, we can just see it through the trees from Morag. We walked over to the house for lunch at the Stables cafe.
The imposing gateway to the Stables

We seem to have got everything working OK with the exception of the TV. Never mind, we can use the WiFi connection and the laptop to watch Pointless!
Yesterday was Lyn's birthday and we had a very nice meal at Rowley's Restaurant in Baslow to celebrate but tonight we are eating in with a convenience meal (Moussaka).
Chatsworth House

Lyn and Button in Chatsworth Park

Large herd of deer across the River Derwent

Oh! Deer!

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  1. We have a clean water container if you need one. Just let us know.