Sunday, 20 September 2015

Holiday in France - Days 13 to 15

Thursday 17th September - Shopping and relaxing
We collected Button from Joy who had looked after her during our visit to Sue and Andy. We spent the rest of the morning doing a thorough clean out of Morag. I drove to Bédarieux to do some food shopping and after lunch we relaxed for while in the sun.
Mostyn gave us a package which contained the Graphite Spry I had ordered the previous day. This was suggested as a possible cure for key recognition problems - it didn't make any difference whatsoever! Morag now refused to recognise the keys at all.
We took some of our helpful friends to Gilles' bistrot at Les Aires for an evening meal. The meal and company was excellent.

Friday 18th September - Lunas and rugby
We drove to the Plan d'Eau at Lunas to give Button her morning walk. This used to be one of my regular dragonfly spotting locations. It has been enhanced greatly now and has good paths, information boards, a walkway across the lake and a pleasant water garden.
Lyn and Button in the Water Garden

Fishing platform at Lunas

"Come on Mum! It's a bridge!"

Information board - and everything was correct!

Another view of the walkway over the lake at Lunas

Sue and Andy had invited us for lunch and to play a board game. They were intending to go to Collioure on Andy's motorbike the next day and had offered to lend us thier car for a couple of days while they were away. Unfortunately when we got there Andy was having problems getting his bike to start which meant they may be going in their car. We had lunch together then Sue, Lyn and I played a game of Canalmania while Andy worked on his bike.
In the evening we had supper with Christine and Mostyn and watched to opening game of the Rugby World Cup. I'm pleased to say that England beat Fiji.

Saturday 19th September - Returning the hire car
On the way to Béziers to return the hire car I dropped Lyn and Button off at Sue and Andy's house. Andy had offered to lend us his car for the weekend as they were going to Collioure for a couple of days but the problems with his motor bike continued and on my return with Mostyn to Boubals I got a message from Lyn saying that Andy and Sue were bringing her back to Boubals as they were going to take the car to Collioure instead. We had a picnic lunch with Andy and Sue on Mostyn's terrace before they drove off for their break.
We took Button for a walk locally in the afternoon. Mostyn telephoned an acquaintance who worked at a garage to see if he would be able to help with our problems with Morag. Once again, no help was forthcoming! I was now getting very depressed about our situation as Morag had failed to recognise the key despite many repeated attempts.

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  1. Sorry your holiday has been a Morag shaped pain but it sounds like you've had so good times with friends.