Sunday, 20 September 2015

Holiday in France - Days 9 to 12

Sunday 13th September - Curry with friends
Lyn went to church in Lamalou-les-Bains, the church she used to attend when we lived here. In the afternoon we drove to Aspiran to see Trish and Roger and, more importantly (!) their dog Olga; another of Button's puppyhood friends. We all went for a pleasant walk through the vineyards before returning to Joy and David where David prepared a very nice curry for our evening meal.

Monday 14th September - Getting Morag back 
We drove back down to the car hire place in Béziers, hoping to retrieve Morag. Once again the key was not recognised. Further tries resulted in either the key not being recognised or Morag not starting for some other reason. At this point we re-christened Morag, "Toe Rag"! We decided that there was no alternative to getting a garage out to look at the problem but, on one last try the key was recognised and she started.
Rather than leaving her in Béziers we decided to drive her back to the Peugeot garage in Bédarieux and ask if she could be looked at and, hopefully, fixed. We emptied most of the rest of our things from Morag and returned to Boubals.
After lunch we took Button for a walk in the hills behind Boubals. It was cool but bright but we kept Button well away from the very swollen River Orb. 
Lyn looks at view while Button busies herself with a stick

Grapes ready for harvesting
Our evening meal was a very nice pork stir fry prepared by Christine.

Tuesday 15th September - Trip to Clermont l'Hérault
We had breakfast with Christine and Mostyn and then drove to Lac de Salagou to give Button a walk. Unfortunately, it started to rain just as we arrived. Despite the rain Button got a short walk. We drove on to Clermont l'Hérault for a snack lunch. 
We drove back via Liausson as we were hoping to call and see other friends, Jenny and Allan but we couldn't get a reply on the phone so gave them a miss.
We relaxed back at Boubals before eating another very nice evening meal courtesy of Christine.
Morag (the Toe rag) at Boubals

Wedenesday 16th September - Quizzing with friends
We had a relaxing morning then all 5 of us (Mostyn, Christine, Button and us) drove up to Les Aires for lunch at Gilles Aubert's bistrot. Gilles used to own Les Marroniers, our favourite restaurant in Lamalou, but had to sell up because of illness. His new bistrot at Les Aires has a terrace with excellent views over the Orb valley to match his excellent and very reasonably priced food.
Later we drove to Bédarieux to see what the garage had to say about Morag. The mechanic was not very encouraging saying that it was difficult to obtain the parts for Peugeot Boxers and that it could take weeks to effect a repair to the immobiliser system. We decided to take Morag back to Boubals for the moment and to limp back north on Saturday. Morag satrted first time!
Lyn drove her to the Aire at Lunas to empty the grey waste and the toilet cassette. We left the engine running just in case!
Sue and Andy had organised a quiz evening in aid of the "All Our Children" charity. We formed a team with Mostyn and Christine. Many of our friends were there and it was really good to be able to see them and to chat. We didn't win the quiz! Andy gave us some songs playing his newly acquired 1934 National Duolian guitar. He was as impressive as usual and the guitar has a lovely sound. Sue and Andy raised about €200 on the night.

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