Friday, 3 June 2016

Day 2 of our Scotland trip - on to Arran

Wednesday 1st June

After a good night's sleep and a quick breakfast we set off on our way to Ardrossan for the ferry to Arran. We stopped for a small amount of shopping at Morrison's near Stevenston. We were very early for the ferry so we stopped in Saltcoats and took Button for a walk along the beach. Then, after a cup of tea and some cake, we found another walk up to the Saltcoats Castle ruins.
Saltcoats, with Arran in the background

I took several photos as we waited at the ferry port. We boarded on time and had our lunch in the ferry restaurant. The drive to Blackwaterfoot from Brodick over the String was picturesque but quite slow as we were stuck behind a heavily laden lorry.
The Arran ferry arriving in Ardrossan

Approaching Arran

Wilma greeted us at the grassy verge by the beach. Lyn and Wilma had their usual blether. Wilma joined us for a cheese tea and we were able to sit outside to watch the sunset until the midges chased us inside.
Morag, with Button guarding her, at Blackwaterfoot

Arran Sunset


  1. Beautiful sunset pic (although you might need to straighten the horizon!)