Monday, 6 June 2016

Day 6 - Start of the North Coast 500

Sunday 5th June

The start of our North Coast 500 journey. After the usual morning chores and breakfast we set off from the CC site to find our way through Inverness. Although the day started very cloudy the weather steadily improved becoming sunny and very warm.
Our fist stop was at the Rogie Falls on the River Blackwater. We had an excellent walk to the falls through conifer woodland and I took plenty of photos. Button had a swim in the river to cool off, we didn't! We continued on our journey through superb Highland scenery before stopping for a sandwich and a coffee at Lochcarron.
Woodland scene at Rogie Falls

Lyn and Button on the suspension bridge at Rogie Falls

Rogie Falls

The next part of the journey was over the Bealach na Bà. In places a 1 in 4 climb with hairpin bends. We had to stop a couple of times to let Morag cool down but made it to the top with no real problems. The view from the top was very impressive. This road is the highest road pass in Britain at over 2000 feet.
Looking up the Bealach na Ba

View from one of Morag's rest stops

The four of us at the top of the pass

The journey down from the pass was easy and we arrived at the Applecross campsite at about 5 o'clock. We took Button for a walk through the site and nearby woodland before making our way to the Applecross Inn for dinner.

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